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About Job

Outstanding writers wanted to craft compelling scripts on historical, cultural and scientific topics

***Please submit your application to jobs@gaiali.com***

We seek experienced writers with backgrounds in academia or journalism to create gripping collections of scripts on a freelance basis for our educational mobile app. The ideal candidates will be strong storytellers with expertise in their fields who excel at making complex material accessible to all. We are particularly interested in writers with specialized knowledge in History, Technology, Nature, Science, Literature (U.S. and World).

How to Apply:

  • Send your résumé, a short cover letter saying why the project appeals to you, and 1-2 writing samples to jobs@gaiali.com. Writing samples should demonstrate your ability to write in both dramatic and informative styles.
  • Applications lacking a cover letter and writing samples will not be considered.

About Us:

We are a Berlin-based startup building mobile apps that spread general knowledge via entertaining audio stories delivered in themed playlists and collections. Our mission is to help busy people of all ages pursue lifelong learning in a simple and enjoyable way. We launched our German-language app in January 2021 and the first stage of our English-language app in October (search for ”Gaiali” in the Apple app store). Now we are expanding our English-language offering, which initially focuses on the USA but will diversify over time.

Our writers’ scripts are recorded by professional voice actors as part of themed playlists and collections developed in partnership with imaginative editors. The app seeks to convey the principal points of Western and especially American history as well as the basics of world history and culture. We also seek to provide reliable scientific information regarding the environment, the fight against disease, and other topics. Think of it as “everything you wish you’d learned in school.” The app delivers content to the user through structured categories and interconnected playlists that tell stories over multiple scripts.

Your Job:

Write gripping, entertaining playlists of 5-15 audio scripts on some of the major topics of Western, U.S. and world history, culture and science. The scripts are in plain language and are meant to edify and educate a general audience through storytelling – one of the oldest and most resilient forms of knowledge transmission. You will research your own scripts and, in partnership with your editors, write playlists and collections that are well sourced, factually accurate and entertainingly told.

If you can conjure up a dramatic scene in a few words and are excited at the chance to tell well-researched tales over multiple chapters, this job is for you.

We are interested in finding writers with whom we can work on a long-term basis. We actively seek candidates with diverse perspectives and experiences, especially with regard to U.S. history, art, music and literature.

Your Qualifications:

  • Minimum 5-6 years of professional writing experience in fields emphasizing the power of storytelling, preferably in serious journalism, audio programming or academic popularization. Senior-level or retired writers are encouraged to apply.
  • Specialized knowledge in aspects of at least one of the following: History (U.S., U.K./Europe, World); Art; Music (Classical and Popular); Literature (U.S. and World); Nature (including environment); Innovations (Technological progress for good and ill); Philosophy; Belief Systems (World Religions, Ancient and Modern Mythology); Politics; Architecture; Economics.
  • Advanced degree (Master’s or Ph.D.) in one of these or a related field strongly preferred
  • Knack for intelligently simplifying complex material for a novice audience and bringing it to life
  • Ability to demonstrate reliable sourcing from primary or other authoritative sources
  • Journalists with a strong track record of deep-dive writing on difficult subjects for the general reader should also apply

What We Offer:

  • Flexible freelance working hours
  • 100 percent remote working
  • Guidance and partnership with professional editors
  • The chance to work on an innovative, public-spirited product
  • Entry-level U.S. pay of $220 per script (1,000 – 1,200 words) plus $40/hour for playlist and collection mapping (hours vary according to playlist)
  • Successful work over time can lead to higher rates for star performers