Assessment Specialist II, Spanish Language and Literature

ETS | Princeton, NJ/REMOTE

About Job

The Assessment Specialist plans, develops, and evaluates tests and testing programs and related products that are closely aligned to the current subject-area standards and student-learning objectives and leads discussions with clients and stakeholders on the assessment of subject-related constructs. This role applies strong content knowledge to add significant value to item writing, item review, test assembly, and discussions at committee meetings, and is knowledgeable about current standards and trends. The Assessment Specialist works closely with clients to understand how to meet their needs. The Assessment Specialist functions at a high level of knowledge and skill in all phases of test development, including item writing, review, and evaluation, test assembly, and scoring. The Assessment Specialist works independently and as part of a team and may also work with outside experts in field of specialty.


  • Write and review items, gather and resolve feedback from multiple sources on items and evaluate item acceptability after testing
  • Participate in and manage constructed-response scoring activities, including work with faculty consultants or state department staff
  • Approve items for use on tests, evaluating both content and psychometric properties
  • Devise strategies for improving outside item writer results; develop item writer training materials; plan and lead item writer training meetings; monitor work with outside item writers
  • Design and develop new assessments and innovative products and services; develop new blueprints and item types, working with project team and client
  • Write rules for test creation system, assemble pretests, tests and/or Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) pools; review tests and participate in CAT simulation activities; assist in preparation of Special Test Additions
  • Respond to Supervisor Irregularity Reports (SIRs) and candidate inquiries, review responses to candidate inquiries to ensure accuracy and appropriate responses; investigate possible copyright violations; review and make recommendations for security cases
  • Work with client committees — organizing meetings, recruiting and training committee members, recommending committee members, organizing review materials, developing training materials and agendas, explaining and summarizing analysis results and advising on measurement issues
  • Work directly with client content representatives to obtain signoff on items and tests; may attend client launch meetings, planning meetings and update meetings
  • Plan and develop program publications and interpretive test preparation materials
  • Participate in teacher training activities
  • Plan and conduct reliability, validity or comparability studies
  • Train others in application of item statistics and assembly of tests
  • Work with Statistics staff during the test assembly process to obtain signoff on statistical parameters of forms
  • Plan, manage and direct test development activities as a lead for one or more program teams, possibly as a member or leader of a test creation team
  • Manage the item evaluation process for one or more programs, use feedback from committee meetings and department staff to improve item quality for a program
  • Make recommendations on scoring problem items
  • Coach staff as appropriate
  • Serve on policy and planning committees with increasing responsibility
  • Serve as an ETS spokesperson on matters of test development in field of specialty
  • Direct projects, delegate work, and monitor progress
  • Create, implement, and monitor item development plans
  • Undertake and oversee small special development projects
  • Monitor budget requirements for one or more projects
  • Adhere to ethical standards and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to your job function

Leadership, Teamwork and Flexibility

Has a track record of adding value to official or unofficial teams by actively participating in them and seeking to understand the various interests of team members. Is customer-focused and fosters respectful relationships with internal and external colleagues. Demonstrates professionalism. Is customer-focused and sensitive to differing values, abilities and needs of staff. Acts with the customer or internal stakeholders in mind and considers downstream implications. Is knowledgeable and up to date on industry trends and standard practices. Has the ability to succeed at working on new assessments, on developing innovative task types, on doing the work in new ways, and on dealing successfully with ambiguity. Demonstrates a strong learning orientation to willingly develop new skills and competencies that will improve personal and business performance. Assists in project direction; helps implement item development plans; works on special development projects. Able to problem-solve and possesses flexibility to adjust project plans to meet deliverables on time and with the expected quality. Demonstrates a high level of productivity and exhibits accountability for assigned work.

Experience and Skills

Education, Certifications, or Special Licenses:

  • Master’s Degree in Spanish, Spanish Literature, or Spanish Education required. AP teaching experience and/or experience teaching introductory college courses in Spanish language and Spanish literature is highly desirable.

Relevant Years of Experience:

  • A minimum of 5 to 6 years of increasingly responsible professional experience (including educational measurement, applied statistics or teaching). Experience in test development and educational measurement or applied statistics is helpful. AP teaching experience is desirable.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills and the ability to apply rules of grammar, etc., to the development of items, well-developed organizational skills, ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously, strong technical skills and a willingness/adeptness with regards to learning new technology are required.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of a relevant field of specialty in order to develop tests in subject area and to serve as resource person for peers, committees, and clients is also required. Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with clients and external committees is required.
  • Classroom experience and familiarity with current subject-area standards is desirable.

Other Requirements:

  • Fluency in Spanish is required. Knowledge of and experience teaching Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic literature is highly desirable.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Spanish language and Spanish literature in order to develop Spanish and Spanish Literature items, tests, and related products that are aligned to current subject-area standards, ACTFL standards and proficiency guidelines, and/or individual state standards.
  • Ability to approach item development in a way that addresses the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, across the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational, as discussed in the ACTFL standards and proficiency guidelines, and embraces the use of authentic stimulus materials.
  • Ability to develop test items aligned with appropriate standards (e.g., ACTFL, individual state standards, specific client test specifications), including tests used for K-12 accountability, college admissions/placement, teacher certification and national benchmarks.