What counts as an “altac” job?

Theoretically anything could be an altac job – dog walker, mail person, bakery owner. However, for the purposes of this site, I use a few basic criteria to determine if a job is an “altac” job. 1) If it draws on the broad skills of an academic, such as research, analysis, writing/communication, teaching/instruction, etc. AND/OR 2) If it requires a high degree of knowledge or expertise in a certain topic under the purview of the Humanities or Social Sciences. 3) Finally, if it does NOT require extensive retraining to meet the job’s basic qualifications.

For more details, check out my article “What is an ‘Altac’ Job

Do you or will you ever expand to posting jobs outside the US?

I would like to. But this project currently operates on ZERO revenue. I do it as public service in my spare time. Therefore, I must keep the project contained. Limiting it to the US (where I am based) is one of the ways I keep the scope of my unpaid labor under control. I am currently exploring how to monetize it in a way that allows me to expand without creating extensive a paywalls (which I don’t want to do).

How can I support this work? (Can I pledge/donate?)

Right now, the main ways you can support my work is by first, telling other people about it, so I can expand my user base/audience. Second, if you are actively job hunting, consider using my paid, personalized job curation service. Currently I do not have a Patreon or any other donation infrastructure. Why? Because managing ad-hoc revenue streams is administratively labor-intensive (more so than you’d think if you haven’t done it). I need to hold off on that until I can properly manage it.

Can I suggest a job posting for this site?

Yes, head over to my contact page. I will happily take recommendations.

Can my company or organization post a job on your site?

Yes! Please get in touch with me through my contact page.

What is your academic background and work history?

I was a PhD student/candidate in the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies department at Rutgers University from 2011-2015. Facing the abysmal prospects of the academic job market, I decided to quit my program when my funding ran out, rather than finish. I moved home in the summer of 2015 and lived on my parent’s couch for nine months, unemployed and in deep fear for my future. In March of 2016, by a very strange fluke, I became aware of an employment opportunity in market research studying entertainment fans and fandom. (Fan studies was a sub-specialization of mine) I applied for the job, and was hired. I have worked in market research ever since, primarily conducting qualitative research for entertainment clients such as NBCU, Warner Bros, Paramount, HBO Max, etc.

What if I have a different question?

You can contact me through my contact page, or on Twitter: @AltacJobs.